OpenVINO 2022.2 Release

OpenVINO 2022.2がリリースされました。

下記の様にパッケージの選択方法が変更されており、Offline installer は無く、PIPやGitでインストールとなっています。


  • Broader model and hardware support – Optimize & deploy with ease across an expanded range of deep learning models including NLP, and access AI acceleration across an expanded range of hardware.  
    • NEW: Support for Intel 13th Gen Core Processor for desktop (code named Raptor Lake).  
    • NEW: Preview support for Intel’s discrete graphics cards, Intel® Data Center GPU Flex Series and Intel® Arc™ GPU for DL inferencing workloads in intelligent cloud, edge and media analytics workloads. Hundreds of models enabled. 
    • NEW: Test your model performance with preview support for Intel 4th Generation Xeon® processors (code named Sapphire Rapids). 
    • Broader support for NLP models and use cases like text to speech and voice recognition. Reduced memory consumption when using Dynamic Input Shapes on CPU. Improved efficiency for NLP applications.  
  • Frameworks Integrations – More options that provide minimal code changes to align with your existing frameworks 
    • OpenVINO Execution Provider for ONNX Runtime gives ONNX Runtime developers more choice for performance optimizations by making it easy to add OpenVINO with minimal code changes. 
    • NEW: Accelerate PyTorch models with ONNX Runtime using OpenVINO™ integration with ONNX Runtime for PyTorch (OpenVINO™ Torch-ORT). Now PyTorch developers can stay within their framework and benefit from OpenVINO performance gains. 
    • OpenVINO Integration with TensorFlow now supports more deep learning models with improved inferencing performance.  
  • More portability and performance – See a performance boost straight away with automatic device discovery, load balancing & dynamic inference parallelism across CPU, GPU, and more. 
    • NEW: Introducing new performance hint (”Cumulative throughput”) in AUTO device, enabling multiple accelerators (e.g. multiple GPUs) to be used at once to maximize inferencing performance. 
    • NEW: Introducing Intel® FPGA AI Suite support which enables real-time, low-latency, and low-power deep learning inference in this easy-to-use package   

大きなところでは、Intel13世代のRaptor Lakeがサポートされていますね