OpenVINO 2021.4.1 LTS Release

少し遅くなりましたが、OpenVINO 2021.4.1 LTSがリリースされました


Major Features and Improvements

This 2021.4.1 LTS release provides functional bug fixes, and minor capability changes for the previous 2021.4 Long-Term Support (LTS) release, enabling developers to deploy applications powered by Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit with confidence. To learn more about long-term support and maintenance, go to the Long-Term Support Policy.

NOTE: A new LTS version is released every year  and is supported for 2 years (1 year of bug fixes, and 2 years for security patches). The LTS version is intended for developers taking OpenVINO™ toolkit to production. For developers that prefer the very latest features and leading performance, standard releases are recommended. Standard releases will continue to be made available three to four times a year.   

  • Learn more about what components are included in the LTS release in the Included in this release section. Specific fixes to the known issues:
    • Model OptimizerInference Engine (Inference Engine Python API, CPU, GPU, MYRAID, HDDL, and GNA plugin), Deep Learning Streamer, and Post-Training Optimization Tool (POT)
    • Minor capability changes and bug fixes to the Open Model Zoo
  • New Jupyter Notebook tutorials that simplify getting started with OpenVINO™ toolkit:
  • Download the 2021.4.1 LTS release of the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit to upgrade to the latest LTS release.

Long Term Support版なので、バグフィクスなどがメインですが、Post-Training Optimization Toolが入っています。