OpenVINO 2021.1 Release

OpenVINO 2021.1がリリースされました


Executive Summary

  • Introducing a major release in October 2020 (v.2021). You are highly encouraged to upgrade to this version because there it introduces new and important capabilities, as well as breaking changes and backward-incompatible changes. 
  • Support for TensorFlow 2.2.x. Introduces official support for models trained in the TensorFlow 2.2.x framework.
  • Support for the Latest Hardware. Introduces official support for 11th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family for Internet of Things (IoT) Applications (formerly codenamed Tiger Lake) including new inference performance enhancements with Iris® Xe Graphics and Intel® DL Boost instructions, as well as Intel® Gaussian & Neural Accelerators 2.0 for low-power speech processing acceleration.
  • Going Beyond Vision. Enables end-to-end capabilities to leverage the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit for workloads beyond computer vision, which include audio, speech, language, and recommendation, with new pr-trained models, support for public models, code samples and demos, and support for non-vision workloads in OpenVINO™ toolkit DL Streamer.
  • Coming in Q4 2020: (Beta Release) Integration of DL Workbench and the Intel® DevCloud for the Edge. Developers can now graphically analyze models using the DL Workbench on Intel® DevCloud for the Edge (instead of a local machine only) to compare, visualize and fine-tune a solution against multiple remote hardware configurations.
  • OpenVINO™ Model ServerAn add-on to the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit and a scalable microservice, which provides a gRPC or HTTP/REST endpoint for inference, makes it easier to deploy models in cloud or edge server environments. It is now implemented in C++ to enable reduced container footprint (for example, less than 500MB) and deliver higher throughput and lower latency.
  • Now available through Gitee* and PyPI* distribution methods. You are encouraged to choose from the distribution methods and download. 

大きなところでは、TigerLakeのリリースに伴い、CPUサポートとXe graphicsサポートが追加されました