OpenVINO 2020.3 LTS Release

皆さんお待ちかねのOpenVINO 2020.3 LTSがリリースされました


Executive Summary

  • Introducing Long-Term Support (LTS), a new release type that provides longer-term maintenance and support with a focus on stability and compatibility. Read more: Long Term Support Release
  • These release notes were introduced to support the initial version of LTS release. All updates for this release will be published on this page.
  • Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit v.2020.3 LTS is based on Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit v.2020.2 and includes security, functionality bug fixes, and minor capability changes.
  • Learn more about what components are included in the LTS release in the Included into this release section.
  • List of Deprecated APIAPI Changes
  • IRv7 is deprecated and support for this version may be removed as early as v.2021.1 release this year.

本番環境に導入される方には、Long Term Supportとなったことで、導入がしやすくなったのではないでしょうか


各OSでのビルドチェック では上記のOSでOpenVINO 2020.3が動作することを確認しました