OpenVINO 2021.3 Release

OpenVINO 2021.3がリリースされました


Major Features and Improvements

  • Upgrade to the latest version for new capabilities and performance improvements.
  • Introduces a preview of Conditional Compilation (available in open-source distribution) which enables a significant reduction to the binary footprint of the runtime components (Inference Engine linked into applications) for particular models.
  • Introducing support for the 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable platform (code-named Ice Lake), which delivers advanced performance, security, efficiency, and built-in AI acceleration to handle unique workloads and more powerful AI.
  • New pre-trained models and support for public models to streamline development:
    • Pre-trained Models: machine-translation, person-vehicle-bike-detection, text-recognition and text-to-speech.
    • Public Models: aclnet-int8 (sound_classification), deblurgan-v2 (image_processing), fastseg-small and fastseg-large (semantic segmentation) and more.
  • Developer tools now available as Python wheel packages using pip install openvino-dev on Windows*, Linux*, and macOS* for easy package installation and upgrades.